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Teenagers with school custom temporary tattoos

Our Large Temporary Tattoos Range

We produce a wide range of temporary tattoos:

Each of the tattoos in the range has a different use and all of them can be custom made with your own logo.
CRE de Montreal bioblitz custom temporary tattoo Enviro Competences frog custom temporary tattoo

The Most Popular!

The Classic Temporary Tattoo

Temporary Tattoos with “Special Effects”:

The Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoo
The Photochromic Temporary Tattoo
The Thermochromic Temporary Tattoo
Glitter Temporary Tattoo
The Scented Temporary Tattoo

Minimum Order Quantity:

Classic temporary tattoos: 1000 pieces per design.
Temporary tattoos with “special effects”: 5000 pieces per design.
All temporary tattoos with “special effects” require a special dedicated press run and are
quoted upon request.

Highest Safety Standards:

Our temporary tattoos are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.
Independent lab testing for small parts, use and abuse, eye and skin irritation, oral toxicity, heavy metals, flammability, is available upon request for our standard temporary tattoos.
F.D.A. Certified, CPSC and ASTM Compliant.

Application Instructions:

Skin must be completely clean and dry. Remove protective clear cover sheet and discard. Place tattoo face down on skin. Wet back of tattoo with a very wet cloth or water, then apply pressure. Wait 20 seconds (don’t rush). Slide off paper backing. Wash gently with soap and water for a more realistic look!


Your tattoo will stay up to 7 days…. even while swimming and bathing.

To Remove:

Saturate tattoo with baby oil, cold cream or household rubbing alcohol; wait 20 seconds, then rub away tattoo with cotton ball or tissue.

The Classic Temporary Tattoo


Most competitive prices regarding size and quantity (ex: $0.09 for 30 000 temporary tattoos 2”x2”).
Full colour imprint, white included.


The classical temporary tattoo can be printed in full color.
Although often associated with teenage or kids promotions, the temporary tattoo with tribal or Chinese designs is also very popular with adults.
Good for on pack promotions, product launches or to add a cheap fun product to a promotion.

The Glow in Dark Temporary Tattoo


4-color process plus one (1) glow in the dark ink effect.
Glow in a dark room or glow under a black light (disco light).


Let the temporary tattoo shed some light, attract attention with a glowing image or add something eye catching to your next promotion.
The glow in the dark ink can only be placed in a white or clear area of the graphic. Can not be placed in a color area of graphic.
Best performance occurs when the Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoo is subjected to light sources rich in UV light before it is placed in a dark room.
A Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoo will also glow under a black light (disco light).
The color can be described as a “ghostly” yellowish-green color.

The Photochromic Temporary Tattoo


4-color process plus one color photochromic ink effect.
Photochromic inks appear almost clear when indoors, but when you go outside in the sun, vibrant color appears.
The color will turn back to almost clear when indoors or in the shade.


There are no comparisons to Pantone Matching System because the colors are barely visible when printed. When exposed to sunlight or UV light, the inks will come to color in strengths that are proportional to the amount of sunlight or UV light that they absorb.
The photochromic ink part of the temporary tattoo will last about as long as the 4-color process ink part of the temporary tattoo.

The Thermochromic Temporary Tattoo


4-color process plus one color thermochromic ink effect.
The thermochromic ink changes from one color to another when transferred to the skin (due to body heat).


Turn up the heat and alter the degree of your next promotion with a thermochromic, body heat activated temporary tattoo.
The tattoo changes from a darker color to either almost clear or to a lighter color as the tattoo heats up from body heat. Thermochromic inks can also go from a color to clear.
This tattoo is a great way to reveal a message once applied to skin. A 4-color process image can be printed beneath the thermochromic ink, revealing itself once applied to skin. This works because the thermochromic ink can cover a message when it’s on the Tattoo paper.
When applied with warmth of the skin, temporary tattoo ink will disappear and reveal the message.


Please be sure to test samples for desired performance as a thermochromic temporary tattoo is much thicker than our standard temporary tattoo. Because of the thickness of a thermochromic temporary tattoo, tattoo image tends to curl and crack much faster then our standard temporary tattoo.
The thermochromic ink part of the temporary tattoo will not last as long as the 4-color process ink part of the temporary tattoo.

The Glitter Temporary Tattoo


Printed in 4-Color process plus one multi-colored glitter effect.
Give glitter to your next promotional campaign!
Glitter Temporary Tattoo creates a dazzling visual effect.


The multi-colored glitter is placed in all the color image area (keyline) only and may be slightly spread beyond the color image area to reveal an outline of glitter around the image once applied.
Other special order glitter colors are available.
There are higher than normal minimums and longer lead times for special order glitter colors.


The glitter effect is more vivid when tattoo is on the tattoo paper than it is once it is applied to the skin. Once applied to the skin, glitter is under color image.
Please be sure to test samples for desired performance as a glitter temporary tattoo is much thicker than our standard temporary tattoo.

The Scented Temporary Tattoo


Printed in 4-color process plus one(1) scent or fragrance effect.
Almost any stock or custom scent or fragrance can be applied.
Great promotion for scented, fragranced or flavored consumer products.


Scented temporary tattoos stand out in a crowd and attract attention not only to the wearer, but also to those around the person with the tattoo and everyone will experience the sweet smell of a successful promotion!
Add more than just words or graphics and no one will forget a scented temporary tattoo, the perfect advertising impression.
Did you know that 85 % of our communication is done at the subconscious level?
We have incorporated two of the most powerful senses... Sight and Smell... to leave an unforgettable impression in your customer’s mind.


Only one (1) scent may be applied per tattoo sheet version.
For customer supplied scents, the scent should be provided in the form of a micro-encapsulated slurry.
The scent will last for about to three(3) days once applied.